the NEW 2008 KAWASAKI KLX-450R


Kawasakiís 2008 KLX450R... will soon be making a name for itself amongst the growing legion of off-road racing fans. This purpose-built version of the brandís World Supercross Championship winning four-stroke KX-450F motocrosser delivers the same high performance features as the KX model, yet modifies it for the improved durability, comfort, and range needed by off-road racers. Adapted to the rigors of grueling courses, this modelís lightweight engine has been tweaked for more low and mid-range performance delivering a wide spread of responsive, high-traction torque and superior throttle control for low-speed maneuvering. The KLX450Rís gutsy response to hill climbing, mud holes, or other poor-traction, low-speed conditions will put it at the top of every racerís want list.

Kawasaki engineers have combined revisions in cam lift and timing in order to boost low and mid-range torque. Adding to the special characteristics of this engine are a heavier flywheel with double the mass of the KX450Fís unit and a wide-ratio five-speed transmission with gears that have been specifically selected for off-road competition.

Adding an electric starter in addition to its kick-starting capability gives the KLX rider more options in the event of a stall. A high-capacity starter motor and compact, high-output battery helps insure quick and reliable starts under virtually all conditions a racer might face. A simple push of the starter button is all thatís required in the event of a stall and can often be accomplished while still moving.

Given the length of some off-road race courses, being there at the end is just as important as getting there quickly. Kawasaki has engineered-in extra durability for the KLX450R, to help make it the envy of all competitive off-road riders. While the lightweight titanium intake valves from the KX remain unchanged, steel valves are used in place of the KXís titanium exhaust valves and the radiator is fitted with a reservoir tank to provide efficient cooling during long enduros. The KLX450R also features a sealed chain.

Utilizing the top-of-the-line suspension from the championship-winning KX450F, this new motorcycle puts extreme off-road capability at the top of its must-do list. The Kayaba AOS inverted fork provides superb damping and steering precision with tuning specifically optimized for light, easy handling characteristics. Oil and air are kept in separate chambers for stable damping performance during long events and low-friction seals contribute to smooth fork action.

Rider fatigue can be a significant factor in the outcome of an event, or just a weekend play ride, and Kawasaki has taken steps to minimize this bothersome effect. The KLX450Rís chassis has been specially set-up to be nimble while negotiating narrow trails or maneuvering between rocks and trees. The wider seat with slip-resistant top surface adds both to comfort and mobility, while the 18-inch rear wheel allows for use of a taller/thicker rear tire which is more suited to absorbing sharp-edged impacts and allows the rider to choose from a wide selection of off-road tires.

A lightweight digital instrumentation cluster includes speedometer, twin tripmeter, odometer, and clock. The plastic fuel tank, which meets all environmental regulations, has a 2.1 gallon capacity and the petcock is fitted with a reserve. Illumination equipment is also kept on the light side, with the 35 watt compact headlight using a plastic lens, while the ultra-compact and energy efficient LED tail lamp highlights the part of the KLX450R that most other competitors will see.

Among the other race-ready features of this new motorcycle are: side covers shared with its motocross brother, though purposely lacking any holes so that water canít seep in; a left-side cover made of two pieces with a special ďdoorĒ that allows easy access to the air cleaner; engine guards for both sides of the engine; and a works-style aluminum skid plate. All told, this new Kawasaki is ready to get dirty.

This straight-from-the-factory racer has everything needed to both maneuver an open course and find its way to the winnerís podium. Every component found on the new KLX450R has been developed to enhance off-road racing performance while adding as little weight as possible. In fact, a fully-equipped KLX450R only weighs about 22 pounds more than the KX450F.

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