Ben Reingold
99 KLX300
Boise, Idaho - USA

Terrie, at trailhead, ready to head out on a long trail ride into some high mountain lakes that have large hungry trout waiting to be caught.

Terrie looking into some mountain lakes that we are preparing to fish. Great trail, that is technically fun.

Modifications done to my '99 KLX are as follows: Breather kit, idler gear, airbox lid removed, carb needle lowered one notch, renthal bars, 60 tooth rear sprocket (which involved moving the chain tensioner forward and building an aluminum bracket for anchoring), one tooth from the smallest on counter sprocket, custom skid plate, weld-on foot peg wideners, custom rack w/ conveyer belt material for padding, custom fender extender, metal screen on radiators, custom saddle bags, rubber hose on kick starter, brake line guard (pending).

My Wife (Terrie) rides a 1994 KLX 250, and it has been modified similar to the '99.

Brief riding history: In Idaho, I was riding on a motorcycle before I could walk, thanks to my dad. He started riding in the early 1960's, when tote goats, and trail breakers (Rokon) were the hottest ticket. We primarily rode into the backcountry, not only to ride, but to gain access into remote mountain lakes for fishing. Dad, usually had to carry a small chainsaw to access the trails. At the age of 8, my first motorcycle was a brand new Yamaha 60. My next bike was a new Steens 100. I raced both bikes in motocross. At age 14, my next bike was a used Yamaha TY250. I started riding and competing in observed trials events, mainly in Montana. My next bike was a new 1978 Bultaco Sherpa T, which was a superb trials bike. I still have it, and it is in cherry condition. In 1989, I worked as a trail ranger for the State of Idaho, which involved riding and clearing hundreds of miles of trails, throughout Idaho's national forests, using state machines. In 1993, I purchased a new Honda XR200, and rode it everywhere. In 1999 I purchased a brand new Kawasaki KLX 300, which has proved to be a fine handling machine, with excellent power to weight ratio.

The kind of riding I prefer is very technical. My bike is basically a mechanical mountain goat. Everytime I take someone with me riding, I tend to get them into trouble. My wife rode motorcycles before we met, including racing at Idaho City's National ISDE, on a KDX 200. This was a bonus to a successful relationship. As a matter of fact, our first date was a trail ride. Since riding with me, she has improved immensely, especially on steep gnarly downhills. Ride on.

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