Chad Cooper...

My '01 KLX-300...

Missing airbox cover
Stroker header
TM36 Pumper Carb
Hot Start Kit
Race Tech Springs
MX Rear fender
Pro Taper Bars
Trail Tech Computer


I'm a captain with a fire department where I live. My hobbies include the obvious: riding my KLX300r, racing street luge (6 years now), hiking, biking, hanging out with my kids, a son and a new daughter -- funny she is going to be the adventurous one. I also enjoy the occasional trip on my street bike, a 2001 Triumph Sprint. I am hoping this year to enter a few hare scrambles and maybe a longer type race. But the wife says one dangerous hobby has to go first. Gee, guess which one that would be? But, what she doesn't realize is when you go down on a bike... you go down!!! When I go off my luge, I slide to a stop!!!