Hello KLX men, my name is Dick Webber, I live in Queensland Australia. I have a KLX 300, wich I bought as a superceded model(98). The engine has been stroked 3mm and a new idler gear fitted, the decompresser has been retimed and the cams built up and reground to top secret specs. Also a 35mm FCR carb and an aussie made Staintune exhaust have been installed. The dogbone struts on the rear have been shortened 3mm wich lifts the rear a bit for better turning. I am just about to test some KLX 650 fork spring as well.

A mate of mine Has developed a fuel injection system and It went well on my bike, he has a KLX250, give him an email at Fransciso@becman.com . Another mate of mine builds KLX 250's for Kawasaki that are as quick if not faster than the Yamaha YZ250Fs.



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