Bill Morgan
'99 KLX 300R
Littleton, Colorado - USA

I own a 1999 KLX 300 with the following mods:
Stroker carb
Stoker compression release
Stroker head pipe
Stroker saddle
Stroker water pump shield
A-Loop modified forks, 3/4" increase travel by reducing length of top-out spring, revalved
DEVOL adjustable link in the rear
FMF pipe. Considering going back to stock because the pipe only makes a little more power, and the thought of having a quiet 'stealth' dirt bike that performs well but does not tick people off is appealing.....
Blue Ribbon coalition sticker 4x4 truck, "protecting public lands FOR the public, instead of FROM the public"
NRA sticker on truck
Colorado OHV Coalition sticker on truck, "protecting our OHV privilege".

Numerous copies of repeated correspondence on land use issues and firearms rights to Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell, Sen. Wayne Allard, Rep. Tom Tancredo, Sen. Larry Craig, you get the picture.

On appearances alone, I was voted least likely in Littleton to be a Gore supporter. I am a conservative Democrat wondering why I still am a Democrat. Fix that one soon.

The bike is the finest, most rideable, most forgiving, most reliable machine I have owned in 30 years of woods riding. Previous bike was an evil XR-350 that broke my collarbone, the only serious injury I have ever sustained dirt riding.

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