Chris Porter

Trail riding is mostly what the bike sees, the longer the better the trail is.   I got to get the suspension set-up for me (still at factory settings and springs).   Love this bike up until I stall it, then I wished I had electric start.   I'm a Master Chrysler/A.S.E. Automotive Service Technician at David Stanley Dodge in Midwest City, Oklahoma... "Where we make the deals, the other dealers don't!"   (Sorry, that's what the commercial says on tv and radio)   My other hobbies are around firearms, love to shoot my collection of firearms to stay proficient.   I also compete in Cowboy Action Shooting.

My 2001 KLX-300...

DynoJet Stage 2
Twin Air Filter
Muzzy Muffler
Free Mods
F.S.W. Water Pump Guard
F.S.W. Frt. Caliper Line Guard
Works Connection Radiator Braces & Frame Guards
Hopefully more to come...