Andrew Zdzylowski
1998 KLX300 (The only Strokerized KLX300 in the UK)
Sevenoaks, United Kingdom

Modifications to Bike:
Engine: 36mm Mikuni pumper, KX500 air filter cage (no wire mesh), twin-air filter, air-box cover removed, Stroker stuff: breather kit, hot-start kit, gear shift kit, idler gear, head pipe, SX1 silencer with quiet tip.

Suspension: Lengthened KLX forks with gold valves and Stroker 0.42kg springs. Stroker rear linkage, KX shock shaft, hard-anodised shock body, gold valve, 4.8kg straight-rate spring.

Others: Works connection frame guards, Renthal bars, Stroker water-pump cover, Acerbis hand guards, IMS footpegs.

I mainly use the bike for enduros, but also some motocross. There are very few KLX300s used for racing in the UK - most people don't realise the potential of these machines. As a result, most are used for gentle trail riding, so there are usually some surprised looks when I turn up at a motocross track!

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